Accelerate natural healing and experience enhanced Non-Local Awareness more effectively.

Looking to take your meditation to the next level with minimal effort? Here at Subtle Energetics we are dedicated to helping you advance your meditation in lesser time, instead of hours, days, or years. With over 20 years in subtle energy research, we created a simple practical application tool to help you bring results in healing and enhancing your psychic awareness.

About Us

Long long ago, the ancient civilization of Angkor, had vast knowledge of advanced mathematics to engineer structures that were to be used to help raise the vibrational consciousness of it’s people and their environment. These massive structures were built under the principles of the Golden Mean. The Angkor civilization knew that by building things in those proportions would allow them to produce a Resonance effect, which would then build the energy up and amplify it, thus resulting in natural emotional and mental healing, as well as enhancing psychic senses and abilities.

This knowledge has now been brought back and ready to be shared with the world. We at Subtle Energetics are dedicated in creating tools to help aid humanity in discovering and advancing in healing the mind & body and to help give people the ability to experience beyond the normal cognitive senses.

What is Parami?

Parami, pronounced “Baramay” (ba-ra-mey) in the Khmer language, stands for Life Force Energy. Different cultures would call it Prana, Chi, Reiki, etc. Now, in our modern world, this very same energy can also be called Orgone, Scalar, Plasma, etc.

Our universe consist of energy, frequencies and vibrations. The human energy field can vibrate at different frequencies depending on the persons mind state. Fear base beliefs that causes stress can put wear and tear on the body, which lowers the vibrations, and decreases the bodies ability to properly heal. When this happens, blockages occur and the natural energy flow gets disrupted. Meditation helps free the mind of negative beliefs and restores the natural energy flow to the body.


The human energy field has been studied for decades. It is founded that our bodies electromagnetic field flow in a torus structure. Also, the Torus can be found everywhere in nature, from trees to our very own planet, the torus is the essential blueprint of our universe.

Researchers at the Heartmath Institute, using a ECG (electrocardiogram) device, discovered that the heart emits a powerful electromagnetic toroidal field that can be detected several feet away. With this new founding, it shows that the heart is the connection to our environment and the people around us.


Meditation has been practiced and studied for quite a long time. It is known for centuries that meditation gives remarkable benefits bringing balance and wellness for the mind, body and spirit. With over decades of scientific research, meditation has shown to allow the mind to oscillate at a higher vibrational frequency.


Parami Cube

Parami Cube is all natural hand crafted meditation tool that simply amplifies and directs subtle energy into a torus structure to produce a resonance effect in the surrounding environment. By using the Parami Cube along with meditation, will help rapidly increase and restore the natural flow of the users bio-energy field. All known side effects of meditation will come more effectively and in lesser time.

Effects include:

Deep Relaxation
Clarity of the Mind
Diminished of fear & anxiety
Heighten intuition
Enhanced psychic abilities
Non-local awareness

Cube Version 1.5

Small portable and still effective. This 1x1x1 inch cube is the perfect travel companion.

$39.00 + Shipping & Handling

Cube Version 1.5 x 2

Looking to double your amplification? Have one on each hand or give it away as a gift!

$59.00 + Shipping & Handling

Cube Version 2.5

This 2x2x2 inch cube is for the energy enthusiast who is looking for a stronger and faster response time.

$199.00 + Shipping & Handling

All Parami Cubes will come ship with manual and guidelines. The colors for the 1x1x1 will vary, so please contact us first to see what we have. All products come with a 45 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied or it just doesn’t work, please send it back in it’s original condition and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.



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